Is your website an asset or liability?
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We Make Digital Simple

for Non Profits

Our motto we make digital simple essentially means two things. Firstly, the digital products we create are intuitive and easy to use, and secondly the way we go about delivering them is straightforward and enjoyable for our clients.

Simple for you

We know that every NPO is different and so listen with an open mind, asking the right questions to better understand your aims, the communities you serve and challenges you encounter in doing so. We speak plain English, avoiding technical jargon and marketing speak, so you can feel comfortable putting forward your ideas.

Once a project gets going we’ll meet regularly to align our deliverables with your vision. We know this regular contact helps remove surprises and greatly improves the end result, keeping everyone happy.

Simple for your community

We design our websites and apps with the end user in mind. To do this we need to understand the different groups you work with and how they interact with your organisation. We then put ourselves in their shoes, making decisions based on how to satisfy their needs as seamlessly as possible. By understanding their problems, we can build a more empathetic and intuitive solution.

Why we are a good fit for Non Profits

We listen

We ask questions

We empathise

We communicate clearly

We put the user first


of our income goes to charity