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Our Core Values

At Blue Llama have four core values that flow through everything we do.

Clear and simple every time

Our projects run smoothly and are enjoyable and rewarding for our clients

We create clean designs that are intuitive and easy to use

We communicate clearly and unambiguously

We always choose simple solutions over complex ones

Alone together

We work remotely but feel part of a team

We trust and respect one another

We celebrate and reward success

We raise our hand and share ideas

Do Sh*t Properly

We deliver to a high standard, always

We create robust, scalable solutions

We pay attention to the details

We use proven, best-in-market tools

We follow established processes

The only way is up

We offer up solutions, rather than just identifying problems

We always strive to do better learning from your mistakes

We make small incremental improvements that lead to big changes

We invest in ourselves and expertise

We welcome and actively seek feedback