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Web and Mobile Apps

Intelligent applications to power your business forward

In the era of digitisation, bespoke applications can unlock business efficiencies, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Whether it’s a web app to help your team be more productive or a mobile app crafted for on-the-go customers, we’ve got you covered.

At Blue Llama, we can harness the robust capabilities of Laravel and other frameworks, along with our expertise in business analysis to create tailored applications. We’re not just developers; we’re your partners in creating solutions that will help your business achieve its goals.

From developing a self service licensing solution for a local authority, to creating a progressive web app that scans and checks lottery numbers, our past projects showcase our versatility and commitment to excellence.

Our Unique Approach

Deep Dive Analysis

We immerse ourselves in understanding your requirements, mapping out logic, and ensuring we grasp the true essence of what you need.

UX Prototyping

Before diving into development, we craft UX prototypes, which we share with you so you can provide feedback to shape the final product.

Agile Development

Employing agile sprints, our process is iterative, flexible, and centred around regular feedback to ensure alignment with your vision.

Robust Testing

Our manual testing approach may be traditional, but our keen eyes ensure each application runs smoothly and meets high-quality standards.

Why Blue Llama?

Laravel & PHP Expertise

Leverage the power of Laravel, a leading PHP framework known for its robustness, scalability, and versatility.

API Integrations

Our capability extends to seamless API integrations, ensuring your application communicates effectively with other platforms and tools.

Future-Ready Solutions

By employing best practices, keeping abreast of advancements, and ensuring modular design, our applications are not just for today but geared for tomorrow too.

Post-Launch Support

Just like our websites, our applications come with tailored care plans, ensuring you remain supported and have up-to-date, secure, and efficient software.

Redefine what’s possible for your business

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