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Jersey Dog Licence Application

A fully automated licencing system for the Parishes of Jersey.

Project Info

Blue Llama developed an innovative web application for the Jersey parishes, streamlining the dog licence registration and renewal processes. This user-friendly platform offers dog owners the convenience of online payments and timely reminders, while providing parishes with a comprehensive dashboard for efficient management and reporting on dog licences across the island.






The Challenge

The foremost challenge in the Jersey dog licences project was enhancing usability for dog owners, ensuring a simple and efficient annual licence management experience. Additionally, the project involved consolidating diverse administrative processes across twelve parishes, each with its unique system for handling dog licences.

The Solution

Blue Llama’s solution centred around a passwordless system, significantly simplifying access for dog owners. By entering their email, users receive a link to manage their licence without the need for remembering a password. This approach, coupled with a streamlined interface, replaced the varied existing parish systems, offering a unified and user-friendly platform for licence management.

The Results

Licences registered online
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The solution is easy to use, quick and well thought through.
increase in revenue
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