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Ultimate Guide to Jersey & Guernsey Stock Imagery

20 June, 2023
16–19 min
Blue Llama's Guide to CI Stock Imagery

Are you wanting to run a marketing campaign for your business which includes beautiful imagery of Jersey or the Channel Islands? Look no further! From CI stock image libraries to custom commissioned photography, we’ve done our research to find the best sources of Jersey and Guernsey landscape imagery for commercial use. 

First things first, we know that the Islands have an incredible pool of highly diverse and premium photographic talent and whittling this list together has been no mean feat. But our criteria to feature in our ultimate guide were strictly focussed around capturing local landscape, quality, authenticity and style. Lifestyle and portrait photography wasn’t on our agenda for this one, but maybe we’ll look at that next!

Global Stock Photography Libraries

To find stock images of Channel Islands, you can start by searching through popular stock image providers that host a variety of local and visiting photographers on their platforms. Some of the individual photographers we recommend below also sell their work through these channels. For your convenience, we have provided direct links to the “Channel Island” libraries under the following icons:

With these websites you tend to be able to purchase images individually or subscribe to a monthly plan to be able to download a larger quantity of images. Canva will require you to have an account and design to access their image library.

Here at Blue Llama we have an account with Shutterstock and have spent some time curating our favourite Jersey images. As a little bonus we thought we’d share this with the wonderful individuals reading our blog post, so here you go!

Now, let’s get to the really juicy stuff.

Local Photographers

Peruse the list below to discover our top local photography sources, from home-grown professionals to highly skilled hobbyists that offer an alternative style. These individuals need to be on your radar!

Home-Grown Stock Libraries

Some of our favourite local photographers are formally set up for stock imagery direct from their websites. Here are our top picks:

Andy Le Gresley

Andy is a fabulous local photographer and took the initiative to setup his own stock image library. We work in partnership with Andy on a number of projects and whilst he could arguably take a photo of a black bin bag and make it look good (!) his land and seascape shots of Jersey offer a real fresh breath – bordering totally immersive. 

His work is a popular choice amongst local businesses. It’s obvious that he loves being outdoors, surfing, being active because these images give a great perspective of our coastline, landmarks and Island hospitality. Brilliant for producing digital content or sprucing up an office space. 

BAM Perspectives

Bam Perspectives is a multi award winning aerial imagery company who’s really honed their use of local drone photography skill to a tee. Quite simply, their birds-eye-views offer breathtaking perspectives of our little rock, which make it feel not so little at all! 

With a fleet of diverse drones to capture pretty much anything from a different perspective, the Bam Perspective team are a great choice for creative photography as well as being available for commission… and they have stock imagery! 

Stuart Abraham

Stuart’s style is particularly great for capturing “iconic Jersey” and he is constantly adding to his collection. He has been passionately taking photographs of the nooks and crannies of Jersey’s beautiful landscapes for decades, many of which are available on sites including Alamy and have been used by local tourist organisations in their own promotions including the likes of Jersey Heritage. You can ask for a specific item via his site or peruse his library for inspiration.

Tourism Images

Visit Jersey offers a fantastic library of content from loads of different photographers but this source comes with a big red warning! They can ONLY be used to promote Jersey as a tourist destination. As such, do not use these images unless you are a registered tourist attraction or journalist. You will need to register on the site to access it and can ask the team if you have any queries on whether you make the cut on ability to use this content! 

Vince Thorne

If you’re looking for iconic Jersey seascape, Vince has a brilliant collection of photos available for purchase via his site which we would describe as being quite classic in style. There is a great mix of well known locations and landmarks around the Island with a strong use of colour and vibrancy.  These would make great content for editorial or advertorial campaigns. 

Jim Forrest

“Photography is a language for which words are not required”. Jim already sells his beautiful landscape images as large prints via his website, but he is also available for commercial commission so is open to requests should you wish to use one of these for your own campaign. Being completely honest, this was a new find for us!

Custom Landscape Commissions 

The following photographers may not promote the fact that they have an abundant library of historic and iconic Jersey landscape shots, but trust us, they do have them OR like the others included in this guide, they are available for commission on a case-by-case basis (and actually prefer to work this way). 

WEST IS BEST Beauport a secluded beach and ideal beach to relax on Picture: DAVID FERGUSON

David Ferguson

David is a well known local photographer who has a real passion for the outdoors, elements and community. Whilst Dave doesn’t have an official digital “stock library” on his website as such, he does have an abundance of stunning photography in his private collections.  So honestly, if you have something specific in mind, just ask him – he may just have the exact thing you are looking for. He collaborated with local restaurant The Salty Dog for their refurbishment in 2020 and the archive of photography he brought to the project was mind-blowing. Alternatively, David is available for commissions. Give him a brief! 

Ollie Jones

Whilst Ollie doesn’t have an online stock library, he is available for commission and his photography style is super slick, especially if you are looking for help in the hospitality and events genres. This is where he really shines. Whilst he does work with a really broad range fo clientele, Ollie is simply brilliant at capturing the moment and atmosphere of an event or venue, or whetting the appetite with culinary photography that really sets the scene. 

Matt Porteous

Matt Porteous, AKA ‘Jersey’s Royal Photographer’ is know for his absolute passion for saving the ocean and the occasional documentation of official royal proceedings, as a firm favourite of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But did you know you can also buy some of his stock images via Getty Images or reach out to him for custom projects? As well as being a lovely chap, Matt is has also been working on a new content software Exordi with his business partner, Tamsin Raine which helps you get access to custom project content creators, globally.

Drew Whitehouse

“I have always been taken by landscapes. It’s the ability they have to take you away; a cinematic quality I suppose”.

If Drew isn’t on your radar, he is now!

Whilst some may know him for his video work, his portfolio of Jersey’s landscape photography (especially by start-light) are beautifully reflective of his love for telling a story – simply captivating. You can purchase his work direct through his website, or reach out to him for customer projects.

When it’s a passion rather than a profession… 

The following photographers may not proactively promote themselves as ‘talent for hire’, but their passion-projects are really something to behold and if you’re lucky they may just be open to private commissions. Technically “amateur photographers” because photography is a hobby rather than a business for them, but we’d argue that their work offers a truly stunning, unique and authentic perspective of Jersey life. 

Chuck Cumming

His passion is exploring Jersey’s natural landscapes day, dusk to dawn with his trusty camera in hand and in his own time. These photos aren’t rushed. They are perfectly planned to the moonlight, star positioning, the way the wind blows… and the proof is in the pudding! Chuck has carefully calculated the best location / month / day / time / moment to capture something truly magical in his shots, offering a glimpse of a much hidden or unknown side to the Island. These photos would make for a great focal point in a special campaign creative or setting. 

Salty Lens

If the ocean is your focus, Salty Lens has a talent for capturing the salt and grit, volatility and beauty of the waters that surround our island. You will likely find him in St Ouen’s bay riding the waves and living the dream alongside fellow water lovers. His shots capture are a celebration of life and the ocean culture which surrounds our little rock. 

Sid Alahwat

Not solely focussed on Jersey, but passionate about it. Sid’s work is vibrant and striking with a knack for catching your eye with strong focus on bold landscapes, architecture and well framed angles. If you need a shot which makes a big bold statement, Sid’s photos could do just the trick!


Mook takes quite a traditional style of photo, with a focus on nature and aerial shots with great use of drone. Looking at their portfolio, Mook has also been commissioned for property projects giving a great perspective of property boundaries.

To Roundup…

When it comes to marketing and promoting your business to your target audiences, or setting the scene for them to enjoy in person, your use of visual assets such as photography needs proactive consideration to compliment your creative vision.

We’re lucky to have such a wealth of local talent available for commission / hire, which ensures that your use of photography is totally unique. But if you are seeking stunning local stock imagery, hopefully the above will help you find what you’re looking for, or introduce you to some new resources. Have we missed someone you think should make the cut? Let us know!

Here at Blue Llama we specialise in making digital simple, building beautiful websites and apps for organisations that need to boost their digital presence.

If you need help crafting your visual identity, especially online – we’re proud to work with the best of local and international creative talent. So get in touch! 

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