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What is Joomla?

8 March, 2010
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What is Joomla

Most of Blue Llama’s web sites are built using Joomla CMS.  This is a powerful tool that empowers our customers to effectively manage their web site after it has been built.  Joomla is an open-source content management system (CMS) that can be applied to almost anyone’s need.  It has a simple user interface that can be accessed from any Internet enabled computer.  This article and accompanying video shows how Joomla works from both a business and development point of view. 

From a Business point of view:

  • It allows you to manage your website and empower others within your company to contribute, administer, etc.
  • It provides a platform that is open to almost any specific need

From a Development Point of View:

  • JOOMLA! Shouldn’t be just viewed as a way to administer content.  It provides a framework from which to build any application you may need.
  • Because of its flexible templating engine, a re-design of your site won’t constitute a complete re-do of the every web page.  Simply change the template and a few minor things and you will have a whole new look.
  • Joomla’s framework includes many features such as built in security, user management, easy extend-ability…..thus enabling the development of your site to stay focused on your specific needs/applications.  (takes the web development out of website development).
  • Joomla has a well-documented framework and a very active community.

Joomla Features

The JOOMLA! CMS is no rookie in the market!  It has been deployed by companies such as Porsche Brazil to provide their website backbone.  Joomla’s content publishing allows you to quickly create content for websites, control access to your documents, administer user created content, and more.

The modules in Joomla provide easy to move a block of code.  Moving something on your site now doesn’t require you to change every page on your site.

The Joomla components allow you to install mini-applications in your site; thus allowing you to install applications such as e-commerce/shopping carts, photo galleries, form builders, forums, and more!

The user manager provides extendable control over registered and special users.  From simple, public access, to control over authors publishers, and administrators

Open Source

A lot of people think “second class” when they hear “open source”.  This is probably justifiable depending on what they have used.  However, JOOMLA! ranks within the premium products of the Open Source community; showcasing a world-class team of developers and a thriving community.

Building from scratch a system similar to Joomla would cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Thus by selecting Joomla as your CMS / Development, you eliminate large chunks of start-up costs and let your budget focus specifically on the immediate need of your site/application.

Joomla is the most popular GPL CMS in the world.  Its community can be found in almost every country, it’s system translated into many languages, and can be used to fit almost any need.

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Phil de Gruchy

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