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SEO Audit Report

15 September, 2011
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SEO Audit Report

For a limited time, Blue Llama is offering a full SEO audit report for a single web domain at a cost of just £250. This is not a computer generated document but a focused, human written report that incorporates your strategic aims and the competitive factors in your marketplace, to arrive at a plan to increase the revenue generated by your website.

Why invest in an SEO audit?

You might be selling online or just have a brochure website from which you receive new business enquiries. Which ever it is, your website will not be not optimised to drive motivated visitors to the right pages to convert them into paying customers. By carrying out an audit we can identify shortfalls and suggest changes that will increase both visitor numbers and boost conversion rates.

What areas will we be covered?

SEO AssessmentSEO is divided into two parts. Put simply, internal factors involve the content, structure and coding of your website. Where as external factors look at the links coming into your website from other websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Both internal and external factors need to be addressed so as to get good levels of traffic from Google and other search engines.  The SEO assessment will look at both of these elements, covering the following:

  • Assessment of your website content, structure, internal linking, coding and meta data.
  • Detailed analysis of your existing traffic, including how visitors are arriving at your website and the search terms that they are using when being referred by search engines. Where do you rank for your most popular keywords? How does this compare to industry benchmarks?
  • Online competitor analysis: Who are you realistically competing with online and what keywords are they targeting.
  • Keyword research: What are the keywords (search phrases) that you should be targeting to maximise traffic.
  • Recommendations: From the findings above, we will lay out a strategy with simple prioritised action points to boost the ROI from your website.

What will you get for your money?

  • A face-to-face meeting or phone call with your website manager to determine audit objectives and gain a background understanding of your company, your products and services, and your target market.
  • A full written report covering the points laid out in the above section.
  • Follow up meeting or phone call to answer any questions you have following the report.

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Phil de Gruchy

Phil is the owner of Blue Llama, a digital agency in Jersey, Channel Islands. He has worked in digital for most of his career and has a wide knowledge of UX, web and app design and digital marketing.