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Nine mistakes that SMEs make when getting a website developed

11 August, 2016
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Nine mistakes that SMEs make when getting a website developed

In the modern age, the traditional shop front has been replaced, almost in its entirety, by the website. Long gone are the days when you would scour a telephone directory or the high street for a provider. Potential customers want services instantly, at the click of a button.

Getting your company’s web design right is imperative. It will get you noticed, set you apart from the competition and give a feel of what you are about as a business.

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However, when it comes to web development, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choice and technical aspects.

Working with a digital agency like Blue Llama can help you to avoid these nine mistakes that SMEs make when developing their website.

1. Over-complicating your message

When it comes to web design, there are so many add-ons you can use to enhance the user experience. Integrating social media, fancy graphics and videos can look amazing, but can end up with the site feeling cluttered and running sluggishly. Keep your offering simple with pertinent detail and accessibility to find out more.

2. Only giving the bare minimum

On the flip-side, your website needs to give enough information to engage and create interest. You can do this by bringing a little of your personality into your website. As the old adage goes, people buy from people, so tell the prospect about who you are, what you do and about what sets you apart from your competition.

3. Not making contact clear

So you’ve got the right balance between sleek and personable: excellent! But this could all be for nothing if getting in contact with you isn’t clear. Making sure your contact details are visible is key. And adding different ways to contact you can encourage unsure parties to get in touch. Offering options like email, phone calls, and live chat ensures that you are accessible to all your audiences.

4. Getting hung up on the numbers

When you develop your website you will run a lot of tests to make sure it’s working well for you. Using tools like are a brilliant way of seeing your traffic and how your site is performing. However, if you’re getting high amounts of traffic but are not seeing this translating into enquiries, it means that something isn’t working. Working closely with a marketing agency will help you to use these analytics correctly and adjust your site accordingly.

5. Too many words

Ideally, you want to give as much information as possible about your company but on the same hand, you don’t want it to end up looking like an essay. Writing online needs to be short and snappy, while also retaining its message. Your digital agency can help you to put together the right content for your website.

6. Not keeping branding consistent

brand consistancy

With website design, it’s easy to try and stylise everything, but it’s important that customers know the website is yours. By keeping your company logo, branding and offerings the same as your offline persona, you reinforce your image and build trust with your branding.

7. Leaving a website static

In the world of online, content is king, and keeping your website up-to-date and informative is a great way to set yourself apart from competitors. One way to keep the website current, increase social engagement and show your expertise, is by running a blog on your site. This could be anything from new products, to discussing topics around your industry. By showcasing regular content you show to potential customers that you are an expert in your field and build a real level of professionalism, while also giving it a personable edge. It also helps with increasing your visibility and search engine rankings as well.

8. Not optimising it for mobile devices

Nowadays, most people access the internet via a smartphone or tablet, as well as the traditional notebook and desktop. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to look at a company website and finding that it displays incorrectly on a mobile device. Working with your digital agency to ensure that all users can see your website properly can be different between making and losing a sale.

9. Not seeing the website as an investment

Many people throw up a website as quickly as possible to make sure it’s there but, like many things, it ends up falling by the wayside for more pressing tasks. When you put together your website, see it as a long-term investment. Working with an agency that understands your targets and business is crucial.


Working with a dedicated marketing agency, like Blue Llama is a great way to make sure you don’t fall into any of these traps when designing and maintaining your website. Ensure your website works hard for you so you don’t have to.

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