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Jersey Web Design Agency Directory

31 March, 2011
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Jersey Web Design Agency Directory

It may seem like shooting yourself in the foot to list and provide contact details for your competition but I believe Blue Llama serves a certain niche in the web design and development marketplace here in Jersey in the Channel Islands.  I focus on the small business market for which many of these larger agencies shy away from due to tight profit margins.  I like dealing directly with the owners of companies or start-ups and bouncing ideas about so as to provide a web presence that will truly benefit them.  Too many people believe they need a website or Facebook page just because the competition does, and then settle for something which doesn’t really add any benefit for their business.  If a job is worth doing, then its worth doing well!

Anyway, enough of the sales pitch.  Below (in alphabetical order) my list of web companies in our beautiful island of Jersey, along with a link to their website, phone number and a bit of spiel from their website.  If there is a company I’ve left out or you’d like to share your experiences of one of the agencies then please leave a comment below.

Advertising International  Bath Street, St Helier.  01534 730001

“Advertising International is a full-service advertising agency based in the center of St Helier who specialise in design, marketing, advertising, print, tv and web.”

Blue Box Creative  Bath Street, St Helier.  01534 859588

“Blue Box Creative specialise in the creation of bespoke websites and web applications, combining gorgeous design with process driven functionality.”

Blue Llama  Grouville.  0782 9900782

“Providing complete, full featured web sites and web shops for Jersey Small Businesses at economical prices delivered with a personal service.

ByteArt  Queen Street, St Helier.  01534 515414

“Specialise in effective Internet and Intranet solutions incorporating e-commerce, customised content management, search engine optimisation (SEO) and website promotion.”  Have a Jersey office.

Clearsite  St Brelade.  01534 611112

“Websites built on content management systems so that they can be administrated by their owners.  Economical solutions.”

E-Scape  Hill Street, St Helier.  01534 491096

“…has expertise in many digital areas, ranging from web design and website development to digital marketing, mobile app development, and Flash games.”

Image  Bond Street, St Helier.  01534 734444

“An integrated advertising agency providing advertising, marketing, design, public relations, print, online marketing, web design and e-commerce solutions to the Channel Islands.”

Island Interactive  St Brendan,  St Brelades Bay.  07797 765901

“Jersey based web design and development agency dedicated to helping local businesses with their online presence.”

Level Media  Halkett Place, St Helier.  01534 888978

“Level Media plan, design and build innovative web projects for a diverse range of business sectors.”

Switch Apps  Glouster Street, St Helier.  01534 866638

“…build great web sites that work hard for our clients through task driven, feature rich, eCommerce and easy-to-use content management facilities.”

TCB Consulting  David Place, St Helier.  01534 852353

“When you need your web site to do more than just look pretty when it needs to do something, then its time to talk to TCB.”

The Beach  Commercial Buildings, St Helier.  01534 722022

“A progressive design group merging new media development with traditional design and marketing disciplines. Igniting brands and achieving business objectives.”

The Observatory  Peter Street, St Helier.  01534 88788

“We offer wide range of services from illustration, through design and photography up to advanced technology products. Our passion is being challenged by our clients with projects that hunger for delivery embodied in remarkable products.”

Web Reality  La Chasse, St Helier.  01534 488888

“…we have extensive experience in supporting clients in a wide range of sectors with their online strategies over the long term. We can help with internet strategy development, web design, web usability, web development, e-commerce, and online marketing.”

Further information

More information on Jersey designers and marketers both digital and otherwise can be found at Creative Jersey

Any Jersey web design or development companies I’ve left out?  Would like to share some feedback of one of the agencies above?  Why not leave a comment below.  Thanks. 🙂

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Phil de Gruchy

Phil is the owner of Blue Llama, a digital agency in Jersey, Channel Islands. He has worked in digital for most of his career and has a wide knowledge of UX, web and app design and digital marketing.