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Free ChatGPT-style AI Assistant launched to help local businesses navigate the Money Laundering Regime

25 February, 2024
6 min

At Blue Llama we love making digital simple and have been working on some really exciting AI assistant tools for some of our clients.

We recently teamed up with leading regulatory, compliance and fiduciary investment consultancy Cyan Regulatory to develop a groundbreaking digital tool to help Jersey businesses navigate the intricacies of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regime. Information that was previously really complex and time consuming to access, is now available in real-time through Max – our AI chatbot!


The new chatbot, ‘MaxAMLian’ or ‘Max’, is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered assistant designed to assist financial services businesses and other professional firms with navigating the AML/CTF/CPF Regime in Jersey; whether they are a trust company, estate agent, fund administrator or any other business dealing with large sums of money and assets. Max has been trained on relevant legislation, regulation and guidance issued by the Jersey Financial Services Commission and is able to provide a summary of the requirements and provide links to the relevant documents. 

Anyone can visit the website, and use a simple chat interface to type their questions to Max. They’ll get a response in real-time, eliminating the need to trawl through multiple regulatory documents.  It’s hoped that Max will make getting AML help easy and reduce the demands on businesses’ compliance teams, and what’s best – it’s anonymous, and for the time being it’s free too!  

How does it work? 

Max harnesses the power of ChatGPT and has been trained on over 250,000 words from the JFSC’s Handbook, relevant legislation and guidance. Whilst the chatbot has been tested by regulatory experts and its answers improved by uploading additional information, the technology remains experimental, but it is hoped that this innovative tool will be welcomed by professionals across Jersey. 

Key features of the Max chatbot include:

  • Instant guidance: Users can easily converse and receive immediate responses, including the ability to check back to the original documents.  
  • User-friendly: The chatbot is easy and intuitive to use, with users able to ask follow-up questions and provide feedback on the answers received.
  • 24/7 availability: The chatbot is available around the clock, providing on-demand support to users whenever they need assistance.
  • Free!: Ask MaxAMLian is being offered at no charge during the initial trial period. You don’t even need to provide an email address.

Visit now and start asking some questions!

We love identifying and developing ways our clients can use AI to help boost their productivity. Max is a great example of how we can digest lots of complex information then provide easy conversational access to it, you can find out more about the development of this project here!

“Our commitment to investing for excellence is reflected in the development of this experimental chatbot which we hope will contribute to the ongoing success of Jersey’s financial services industry. This is the first of the projects created by our Innovation Unit which combines the expertise from the different parts of the Altair Group to develop tools to enable our clients to meet the challenges of the regulatory regime efficiently and effectively”

Nicola Crowell, Director at Cyan Regulatory

Blue Llama have used the same approach to develop AI assistants to help with customer service as well as others to assist employees to easily interrogate their employer’s policies and procedures.

Could AI Automation transform your business?

Want help making digital simple? Let’s talk! Who knows, this might just be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

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Phil de Gruchy

Phil is the owner of Blue Llama, a digital agency in Jersey, Channel Islands. He has worked in digital for most of his career and has a wide knowledge of UX, web and app design and digital marketing.