Is your website an asset or liability?
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Free Guide

 9 Simple Steps to your Perfect Business Website

A free guide for business owners and marketing professionals looking to embark on a new website project.

This 28 page PDF takes you through the process of planning a successful business website. From deciding your goals, through to planning content and finding the right people to create it for you.

With years of experience behind us, here at Blue Llama we know the decisions needed to create a website that helps your business achieve its objectives, overcome challenges and present your company, products and services in their best light.

The Nine Steps:

1Determining your goals

2Defining your audience

3Researching your competition

4Refining your messaging

5Deciding on functionality

6Mapping out the structure

7Planning content

8Thinking about design

9Finding the right agency

“Built on the same process we guide our clients through, this book should help anyone planning their next business website.”
Phil De Gruchy, Founder of Blue Llama