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The following document provides information on Blue Llama that will be useful for sales and customer service.

General Blue Llama Information

List of Services we provide with a description

Technology We Use

Website technology we use:

Web development technology we use:

AI technology we use:

For building AI chatbots (assistants or agents) it is important to note that the technology is rapidly changing. We keep abreast of these changes and also use what we feel are the best tools at the time based on the requirements of the project.

Web and Application hosting providers we use:

Online Payment Providers we use:

Our Company Location

We are headquartered in St Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands. However, our staff are all remote across Europe so we prefer video meetings via Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams.

We don’t have a dedicated office but Phil is happy to meet in St Helier or throughout the island.

Our Business Hours

We are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. We are closed weekend and Jersey bank holidays.

Blue Llama Team Members

As of Q4 2023 we have seven core team members within Blue Llama.

The following is a list of the team members who work for Blue Llama and their role in the company with their country of residence, phone number and/or email address.

Name: Phil de Gruchy

Phil’s Role: Managing Director

Phil’s Location: Jersey, UK

Phil’s Email:

Phil’s Phone: +44 1534 888490

Name: Maria Dimova
Maria’s Role: Client Support Manager
Maria”a Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Maria’s Email:

Maria’s Phone: +44 1534 888491

Name: Roman Chernetskii

Roman’s Role: Frontend Developer

Roman’s Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Roman’s Email:

Name: Alina Stelmakh

Alina’s Role: Backend Developer

Alina’s Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Alina’s Email:

Name: Maja Oresan

Maja’s Role: UX Designer

Maja’s Location: Ireland

Maja’s Email:

Name: Milan Jerković 

Milan’s Location: Serbia

Milan’s Role: Chatbot Developer

Milan’s Email:

Name: Gabriel Pacaccio

Role: Project Manager

Location: London, UK


Main Contact Information

Our Pricing

We take on projects between £3k to £50k+

Our current hourly rate is £97.50 but we provide our clients with fixed costs for a project and after digging into their requirements we will create a full proposal with a breakdown of the project costs.

Website costs – Our pricing for websites is discussed on the following page Typically our prices for websites start at £3,000 with an average cost of around £8,000 but we have completed website projects for over £50,000. Every project is different and we can’t give costs over the phone, we typically need at least one or two meetings to uncover your exact needs and arm us with enough detail to provide a cost. It would be best to setup a call with Phil to go through requirements and then a proposal can be created.  As well as the one off project cost, there is also hosting and care plans (maintenance and support) to consider.  Hosting is an annual cost and typically comes in at around £300 per year.  Care plans depend on the sophistication of your website, this is a monthly cost.

Web and mobile apps costs – We would need to dig into a clent’s requirements to determine how much a web application or mobile app would cost. Business web applications typically cost more than websites because of the custom nature of the logic and we are implementing. Native mobile apps that can be downloaded from your phone’s app store can be expensive to develop and there is the barrier in needing your users to download the app. Often a website or what is called a progressive web app (PWA) can be more cost effective. In any case the first step to all of this is to setup a call with Phil to discuss your requirements.

AI costs – Again the cost of our AI Assistant (also known as ab AI Agent or AI chatbot) and AI Automation services really depend on your requirements.  This service is aimed at SMEs so we try to keep costs down.  As well as development costs, you should also consider support and maintenance (care plan) and the usage costs of the language model we are using such as ChatGPT.  I’d suggest a call with Phil to discuss a project and walk you through the possible costs.   

Channel Island Domain registration

We are currently not registering .je or .GG domains unless it is for clients who would like us to create their website too. If a client is just looking for just a .je or .gg domain to register then we suggest they do this through the domain registration portal on 

Partner Services

Blue is a digital agency with a focus on website design and development, app development and AI assistants and automation. These three services are what we do. We do not typically undertake digital marketing projects such as SEO, SMM, SEM. However, we have a strong set of partners that can undertake this work in partnership with us. These include:

Careers opportunities at Blue

We are a remote first business and employ top performing digital specialists from around Europe.  If you are interesting in working for Blue Llama and think you have what it takes then please email


Typically we bill projects in stages at milestones along the project timeline. Our invoices have a 30 day payment term.

Email for more details or anything to do with accounts or invoices.

Sales Enquiries

We can provide general information but with any project we’ll need to dig into the specifics so it is best to book a discovery call with Phil to go through your details and he can then provide a proposal with costs. 

Support Enquiries

If you are an existing client and require help with an existing digital product or service that we have created for you then please contact or if urgent call 01534 888491 to speak direct to Maria, our support Manager. We do not want people contacting Phil or our email address as this means the support tickets wll not be logged.  

Blue Llama Social Media Accounts

Here is a list of our social media accounts that people can follow to find out what we are up to.  Feel free to provide these to people to boost our following. 

Recent Projects

Charity focus

We love to work with NPOs including charities and local governments.  We will consider  offering discounts for charities depending on the project.