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Parish of St Helier

Enabling parishioners to quickly find what they need and interact with the parish online.

Project Info

In 2022 Blue Llama built websites for the other 11 of Jersey’s other parishes.  This combined project was a huge success, being nominated for a Jersey Tech Award. 

Following on from this, the Parish of St Helier decided to engage Blue Llama to revamp – the biggest and most complex of all the parish sites.

The previous St Helier website had grown cumbersome.  It was difficult for parishioners to find the information they needed and offered little in the way of self service tools. User satisfaction was low and internally the website did little to help drive efficiency.  






The Challenge

As an ever-evolving online resource, the website’s information needed to be easy to update in-house and easy to find for parishioners.  It also needed to better engage with parishioners and offer self service tools to improve efficiencies. Quite simply, this website needed to serve the community better.


The Solution

The new website is built with usability in mind and features a cleaner design, more user-friendly search options and defined resources for both parishioners and businesses.

The new parish “What’s On’ is a great new resource to promote parish events and transactions such as room bookings and invoice payments can now also be made through the site.

Phase two of the project is in progress to drive more efficiency and allow businesses and parishioners greater interaction with the parish online. 

The Results

average annual visitors
St Helier now has a future-proof digital platform that serves the community and evolves as demands grow!
reduction in bounce rate
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