OK, well he’s not actually ours unfortunately, but Blue Llama sponsor Ollie, a young and very handsome llama living on the Llama Rama Farm on the edge of the Mendips in Somerset.

Sadly, Ollie’s Mum, Molly died whilst giving birth to him. He was hand reared by Caroline Pembro, the farms owner, who had to feed him round the clock every two hours. He’s grown up to be a fine specimen of a llama, in his short time he been interviewed by BBC Radio Bristol and is hotly tipped for the National Llama Championships.

Ollie of Llama Rama

As with everyone who’s important to us at Blue Llama we sent Ollie a Christmas card earlier in the week. We were dead chuffed when Ollie uploaded the following photo of himself proudly viewing his card to the herd’s Facebook page

Ollie With His Christmas Card

If you’ve interested in sponsoring Ollie or any other members of his herd then visit the Llama Rama website.

Merry Christmas Ollie and Caroline… and everyone else too!  If you’ve got an interesting Christmas card experience then do share it with us below!  🙂

2 thoughts

  • I really enjoyed the Ollie the llama Xmas card story. It made me recall what really strange bloke you are. In any case, I was thinking it might track as an infants story book. You should look into it. Ollie the Blue llama enjoys Xmas in the Mendips. He might take up tobogganing and maybe make a new friend. Perhaps, a romantic interest, not necessarily another llama, cross species co-habitation perhaps. Remember, though, my think tank, brainstorming, idea factory nets me 10% of gross takings. Email me for bank details.


  • Thanks for the comment Protimus.

    What a great idea! I am already dreaming up the sequel. Perhaps Ollie’s cross-breed love child proves not to be as docile as his father and builds up disdain towards him. In an act of defiance he goes on a rampage of outer St Ouens looking for small children to eat who’s names ends in “ie” just like his father’s.

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