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Blue Llama have turned Pink for Pink October!

An AI Brain for Your Company

We’ll create a bespoke AI assistant specifically designed for the needs of your organisation.

Your own company AI assistant  trained on your policy documents, procedure manuals, employee handbook, and website content.

Everything included from discovery sessions to understand your unique needs, through to development, testing, and deployment of your AI assistant.

Easy-to-use Chat GPT-like interface  with options for deploying to WhatsApp and other channels where you team hang out.

What are the benefits?

Greater efficiency

By providing quick and easy access to company information, your team will free up time to work on more valuable work.

Easier employee onboarding

Enable new employees to get up to speed quicker while minimising their use of more senior team members.  

Disseminate knowledge

Our solutions allow easy dissemination of knowledge, accessible 24/7, on any device via a conversational chatbot.

Multilingual support

Your AI assistant can converse in  any language, making it the perfect solution for diverse teams.

Control information

Easily update your AI assistant with new or amended documents, keeping information current.

Starting from just £2,500
plus £125 per month

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