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Blue Llama Cupcakes

Mmmmmmm… tasty! When we say thanks to someone, we like to do it a little differently! Steve from L.C. Pallot Ltd. recently referred a new customer to us and as…


Diversifying Jersey’s Economy – Mobile Payments?

The current rumblings in the press about the UK government clamping down on tax avoidance is nothing new but still pose a big concern for an island heavily dependent on…

Group Buying Websites Jersey
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Jersey’s Group Buying Websites

Also known as Daily Deal or Collective Buying sites, Group Buying Websites (GBW) are a relatively new phenomenon only hitting the mainstream in 2009. The principle behind them is to…

Jersey Facebook Advertising
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Jersey Facebook Advertising (Work Around)

Up until the beginning of the year, companies were advertising within Facebook to Jersey and Guernsey users without any problem. Suddenly, after Facebook introduced changes to its advertising platform, the…

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How Is Google+ Going To Affect Your SEO Strategy?

How are you getting on with your Google+ account? Whether you were one of the early birds who were invited to try out the new networking service from Google or…

SEO Audit Report
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SEO Audit Report

For a limited time, Blue Llama is offering a full SEO audit report for a single web domain at a cost of just £250. This is not a computer generated…

Small Business Outsourcing Tips
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Small Business Outsourcing using Online Freelance Marketplaces

While the UK is a fantastic place to live, it can be really bloody expensive!  It’s not just consumer products that exhibit inflated price tags but business services too.  I…

Effects on the Channel Islands of abolishing LVCR
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Effects on the Channel Islands of abolishing LVCR

In November, the low-value consignment relief (LVCR) threshold in the UK will be cut from £18 to £15.  This means Channel Island companies exporting to the UK will have to…

What does Google Street View mean for Jersey Businesses
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What does Google Street View mean for Jersey Businesses?

The introduction of Google Street View to Jersey has brought with it both excitement and a wave of protests over privacy. Most of us have just used it for a…

Top 10 free SEO Tools

Top 10 free SEO Tools

I’ve been using these set of online applications and browser plug-ins for quite a while now, and while others come and go, these remain at the top of my SEO…